Rethink 81:To Reclaim the City and Reconnect Syracuse

Watch a four part series produced by UPSTATE: a center for design research and real estate at the Syracuse School of Architecture. This series of videos will discuss the impact of Interstate 81 and the questions we should be asking to ensure a positive outcome for the city and region. For a PDF of the question above please CLICK HERE.

Section 1: Introduction

Across the country cities like Syracuse are questioning what to do with

aging highway infrastructure. What are the lessons we can learn from

other communities?


SECTION 2: History

Infrastructure has always been a major driver of economic growth in Syracuse.

But at what cost? As the future of 81 is debated, what is the best strategy

for the future of the city?


SECTION 3: Visions

The preliminary options that have been presented to the public so far by the

SMTC and the NYSDOT demonstrate why urban design and whole systems planning need to work in tandem with engineering decisions.

SECTION 4: Questions

Making a major decision on city infrastructure should be predicated on good

information. What are the questions that the public should be asking the

DOT to answer before any options are designed?