UPSTATE teams with Architecture, Engineering and Syracuse Parks on Field Houses

The field house renovation at Skiddy Park considers the field house as an opportunity to enhance the neighborhood, by providing a centralized space to activate. The project also engages the breadth site, providing opportunities to expand and to grow with the community. The scheme is optimized in order to be pragmatic, and suitable to fit into other parks in Syracuse.

The students dubbed this project “The Berg”, referencing an ice berg which has a unique form, refracts, pulls in and refleects light and has interesting, but very different exterior and interior qualities.


Guided by input from residents, The Syracuse Housing Authority, Syracuse Parks and Syracuse Schools among others, architecture and engineering students at Syracuse University have partnered with UPSTATE, the Near Westside Initiative, the City of Syracuse and Parks department to envision the future of the field house in Skiddy Park and to develop a system for refurbishing field houses throughout Syracuse. The project strives to launch an ongoing conversation about what the field house at Skiddy Park can become, within a broader study of the future of field houses in Syracuse’s many public parks. We hope to see you all there and we hope to establish a productive partnership. Throughout the Spring students met with stakeholders to advance and refine the local community’s vision for the field house. Preliminary designs were presented on April 24, 2014.