Public Private Partnerships / Financing Urban Development



ARC500.1 / RES 400

Instructor Marc Norman

3 Credit Hours      Spring


The course examines urban real estate development, including location of activities within metropolitan areas, public/private partnerships, downtown redevelopment, and affordable housing. Students gain tools to evaluate the financial feasibility and performance of a project, including discounting of cash flows and pro forma analysis using case study methods showing how the design, development, market, finance, construction, and management of the project are integrated.

Several public/private partnership types necessary for downtown redevelopment, historic rehabilitation, integrated mixed-use urban centers, urban villages, and new communities are investigated. Students analyze the critical conceptual, feasibility, and deal-making phases of the development process, as well as the development and management stages. The course examines the new affirmative roles played by both public and private developers, as well as unusual joint development entities. Also considered are innovative concepts of incremental growth, land and development banking, shared parking, and alternative development patterns.